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24 July 2008 @ 10:58 am
Heartchu TCG.  

TCG Post - contains member info, collecting and trading cards.
Trade log // here.
Mastered cards // here.
Pretty Boy Collection // here.


Member name: Yasu.
Level: 03 (04 pending).
Card amount: 974.
Collecting: STYLISH deck, MUSICIANS deck.

To be done:
Level 4
- 900 cards
- 15 stampcards filled (currently with 12 stamp cards filled)

Level 5
- 1,500 cards (currently with 974)
- master 30 decks (currently with 20 decks mastered)
- joined fanclub (pending)
- image for a new membercard

Level 6
- 2,500 cards
- master 1 Girl Mix-A-Lot deck
- image for a new puzzle deck

Level 7
- 3,000 cards
- master 15 decks of the fanclub's artist chosen
- 8 tokens (currently with 6 tokens)

Level 8
- 3,500 cards
- master 25 decks of the fanclub's artist chosen
- master 1 LE deck
- master 2 Girl Mix-A-Lot decks (currently mastered 1)
- image for a new level badge


(Pending from PBC 04: stylish11, stylish22, purpleline02, purpleline05, purpleline13. From zzang: purpleline11, musicians11.)





Not chosen yet.


---- Keeping these only because Yunho looks cute. Do not offer me the ones with SNSD, but the rest are welcome!

Cards I'm interested in trading for cards I'm missing on collecting or keeping, or cuter cards that have band members I know - especially Yunho & Jaejoong.

--- MIGHT trade/HOLDing.
Still deciding if I'll collect it or not. Will trade for a good offer.

- Will hold anything for: Sushi, Zzang, Yoon, Uyuki.

--- WILL trade.
Will trade for anything - mostly collecting/keeping decks. But will most likely trade Big Bang, SNSD, FT Island cards for any others.

Big Bang


FT Island




Super Junior




---Event cards.

Store items I might get in the future will be here, along with the money, coupons, etc - anything else that isn't in the "cards" area.

--- Love Bills.
x13. x3. x7. x8. x5. x4. x4.

{ Items. }

{ Tokens. }

Used for PBC Round 02 (September).

Used for PBC Round 03 (October).

Used for PBC Round 04 (November).

-up in post-

Tokens total: x6.

--- Coupons.

Being used and still not taken out of the post:

x1. x3. x0.
x1. x6. x1.
x2. x0. x1.

--- Stamp Cards.
In order from my first stamp to the current one.

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten // Eleven // Twelve

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