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10 July 2008 @ 11:43 am
Heartchu - Trade log.  

*Bolded = Lucky days challenge (none yet).


24th: Re-Joined.

Start of first stamp.

13rd: Got starter pack - hug02, lastfirstkiss16, pajama12, pumpkin14, rhythm04, rhythm05, shine-day03, spris-summer14, style10, stylish23, taste17, voyage24, old member card 017, 1 shinhwa choice coupon, 1 snsd choice coupon.
Played Junior Puzzle: toughguy05.
Played Legend Puzzle: phantom01.

14th: Update - new decks: shikshin04, victory16, bigboy18, sunny08.

17th: Update - new decks: tconcert16, villageday02, villagenight16, angel07, dragon14, jajini18.
Weekly freebie: bright16.
Traded with Topaze: my pajama12 for her rhythm02.
Played Junior Puzzle: uknow09.
Played Legend Puzzle: yongwonhi20.
Played Rising Puzzle: rockstar02.
Played Lyrics Mania: getsome07, wayuare07.
Played Pop Quiz: summerdream14, princess20, 1 dbsg love bill.
Played Kangin's Wrath: style02, hyoism07.
Played Magnae Woes: purpleline07, jajini14, villageday05.
Played Nappun Puzzle: phantom04, stylish17, rhythm08, city27, 1 ss501 random coupon.
Played Passion Puzzle: angel15, sica11, happiness02, dandy02, 1 dbsg love bill.
Played Bangin Puzzle: rockstar11, shikshin05, getsome20, giordano14.
Played Treasure Puzzle: purpleline04, inked03, thedong10, secret06, 1 dbsg random coupon.
Played Tri-Angle Slots: storytime13, happiness15, now10, propose03, 1 ftisland love bill.
Played Mission Impossible: world13, bright07.
Played Thug Stoppers: getsome20, voyage07, rainbow15, leader12, eastsea12.
Played MVShaker: bright12, bonjour07, 1 shinhwa choice coupon.
Played Witch Hunt: wa01, ufo08, jajini17, getsome19, 1 snsd random coupon, 1 dbsg love bill, 1 shinhwa love bill.
Traded with Topaze: my pajamaparty12 for her rhythm02.
Traded with Amehoshi: my voyage24 for her style04.

20th: Traded with Zzang: my rockstar02, rockstar11, villageday02, villageday05 for her style05, trick10, phantom05 & millionman03.
Played Hostage: 1 suju love bill, 1 ft island choice coupon, sj0815, uknow13, angel02, hyoism15.
Traded with Soyna: my angel07, 15, bigboy18, dragon14, hyoism07, shikshin04, jaejini14, 17, 18 for her trick01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, rhythm15, 19.

22nd: Traded with Taliana: my inked03, shikshin05, victory16, angel02, hyoism15, sica11, sunny08, city27, rainbow15 and villagenight16 for her yongwonhi04, yongwonhi06, yongwonhi07, yongwonhi15, yongwonhi16, yongwonhi17, yongwonhi18, yongwonhi19 & style01, style08.
Traded with Joana: my happiness02, happiness15 for her style03, rhythm20.

24th: Traded with Shinshou: my sj0815 for her trick02.
Latest update - Weekly freebie: stylish09.
New decks: camping02, secretstory02, gangsta15, yb12, decadent05, bigmama16, jukebox19.
Played Junior Puzzle: sexy05.
Played Legend Puzzle: primadonna15.
Played Rising Puzzle: doublem09.
Played Lyrics Mania: purpleline01, purpleline14.
Played Pop Quiz: tconcert19, white19, 1 shinhwa love bill.
Played Kangin's wrath: stylish27, dragon15.
Played Magnae Woes: happy14, comeon04, wontak19.

27th: Traded with nylonkid: my yb12, wa01, propose03, gangsta15, white19 for her yongwonghi12, millionman01, millionman02, millionman05, millionman18.
Exchanged 1 DBSG random coupon, 1 SNSD random coupon, 1 SS501 random coupon: candyland02, sunny09, coward17.
Traded with Xiao: my jukebox19 for her yongwonhi09.
Traded with Ivy: my getsome20, sexy05, secret06, voyage07 for her rhythm16, rhythm18, yongwonhi14 & trick05.
Traded with Scorp: my bigmama16, coward17, dragon15, now10 for her rhythm10, rhythm11, yongwonhi01, yongwonhi11.
Mastered Trick: style07, jukebox05, santaclaus01, primadonna03, racoon15.

End of first stamp.
Start of second stamp.

28th: Traded with lovegreen: my bright07, stylish23 for her yongwonhi02, yongwonhi03.
Traded with Xiao: my jukebox05 for her millionman15. (won't be added to stamp)
Played Nappun Puzzle: 1 dbsg choice coupon, sica01, changjo03, taiyou04, love03.
Played Passion Puzzle: 1 dbsg love bill, jukebox01, rainbow04, white17, hyoism02.
Played Bangin Puzzle: soshi06, rockstar15, runmv08, sj0805.
Played Treasure Puzzle: any 1 choice coupon, inked15, yb08, dancingout05, decadent01.
Played Mission Impossible: princess10, snowdream14.
Played Thug Stoppers: warning09, jukebox02, cinderella04, sexappeal08, simba10.
Played Witch Hunt: 1 suju random coupon, friedrice07, doublem19, hyoism03, seororo11, 1 suju love bill.
Played Tri-Angle slots: coward14, guitar20, comet02, sprissummer02, 1 shinhwa love bill.
Played Hostage: bright03, lalala12, cyborg18, hujin08, 1 suju choice coupon, 1 dbsg love bill.

29th: Filled first stamp card: rockstar16, trainee20.
Played Double Trouble: charmer06, lust13, 1 shinhwa random coupon, trainee22, uniform17, warning04.
Traded with Cleyra: my sunny09, rainbow04 for her rhythm01, millionman10.

30th: Traded with Shuu: my charmer06, lust13, uniform17, cinderella04, primadonna03, primadonna15 for her rhythm12, yongwonhi14, millionman06, millionman08, millionman11, millionman19.
Traded with Xiao: my sica01, seororo11, decadent01, decadent05, hyoism02 for her shineday01, shineday11, shineday18, bonjour09, bonjour20.

31st: Traded with katherinely: my comeon04, guitar20, runmv08 for her millionman20, rhythm03, rhythm09.
Exchanged 1 dbsg choice coupon: yongwonhi05.
Traded with Uyuki: my trainee20, trainee22 for her style06, style09, yongwonhi08, yongwonhi10.
Latest update - Weekly freebie: storytime11.
New decks: beautifulu03, playtime15, cartoons12, goddess15, mungtaeng09, dirtycash10, afterlove08, miracle11, pinup13.
Played Junior Puzzle: trainee23.
Played Legend Puzzle: jukebox10.
Played Rising Puzzle: city18.
Played Lyrics Mania: china08.
Played Kangin's wrath: bright10, playtime18.
Played Lyrics Mania: machoman13, foreverlove02.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 ss501 love bill, tconcert03, world05.
Played Magnae Woes: tconcert12, hiddenstory12, pajama09.


1st: Traded with Xiao: my mungtaeng09 for her playtime19.
Traded with Zzang: my inked15 for her trick02.
Traded with Shinshou: my rockstar16 for her playtime03.
Traded with Topaze: my decadent05, white17 for her rhythm13, getsome18.
Traded with mystika_d: my coward14 for her playtime11.

2nd: Traded with Soyna: my hyoism03, pinup13, dirtycash10, afterlove08 for her rhythm07, millionman07, millionman12, millionman16.

End of second stamp.
Start of third stamp.

Leveled up from 1 to 2: playtime01, coward12, ijuksa20, sexappeal04, stylish13, uniform16, villagenight12.
Traded with Sushi: my ufo08, hujin08, dandy02, eastsea12, friedrice07, pumpkin14 for her foreverlove10, foreverlove13, showmeyourlove09, playtime13, beautifulu16, cartoons05.

4th: Traded with Ivy: my candyland02 for her uknow20.
Traded with Cleyra: my miracle11 for her uknow11.
Traded with Xiao: my rockstar15 for her playtime08.
Filled second stamp: decadent03, runmv10.
Mastered yongwonhi, style: 1 dbsg choice coupon, white17, taste06, rhythm14, rhythm06, redsun18, propose08, millionman04, lastangel16, hentai09, genki10, dirtycash20, cartoons03, angeleyes15.

6th: Traded with Uyuki: my trainee23, sprissummer14, city18 for her playtime06, playtime07, playtime09, playtime14.
Traded with Zzang: villagenight12 & dirtycash20 for her beautifulu02, beautifulu14.
Exchanged my SNSD choice coupon: jukebox13.
Traded with Mana: my soshi06, jukebox01, jukebox02, jukebox10 for her bright07, bright08, bright11, bright18.
Traded with jai: my white17, lastfirstkiss16 for her getsome13, get some14.
Played Breakdown: 1 token, 1 shinhwa love bill, 1 any choice coupon, 1 snsd choice coupon, playtime10, ellesse07, jajini20, hujin16, ghetto08, bright02, dragon19, marryu17.

7th: Traded with Chair: my coward12 for her bonjour15.
Traded with Ivy: my princess20 for her uknow02.
Traded with Evey: my hentai09 for her uknow04.
Traded with Soyna: my santa01, redsun18 for her millionman09, millionman16.
Traded with Sushi: my hujin16 for her bright17.

End of third stamp.
Start of fourth stamp.

Latest update - Weekly freebie: cheerful16.
New decks: letshaptic06, howgee18, sj0506, thailand06, meeting07.
Played Junior Puzzle: everyday14.
Played Legend Puzzle: ufo12.
Played Rising Puzzle: howgee07.
Played Lyrics Mania: letshaptic10, city29.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 dbsg love bill, world02, sunny19.
Played Kangin's Wrath: badass04, pajama10.
Played Magnae Woes: beautifulu12, iindwinds02, secret01.
Exchanged 2 shinhwa choice coupons: dandy03, dandy18.

9th: Traded with Yoon: my ellesse07 for her millionman12.
Traded with Cleyra: my sj0506 for her getsome09.
Traded with Sushi: my ufo12, dandy03, dandy18 for her uknow05, uknow18, getsome08.
Traded with Xiao: my jukebox13 for her playtime20.

10th: Traded with Mere: my jajini20, city29, dragon19, goddess15 for her millionman17, uknow03, uknow14, uknow19.
Traded with Chair: my meeting07, thailand06 for her phantom03, phantom12.

11th: Traded with Sukuishi: my doublem19 for her millionman13.
Traded with Zzang: my howgee18 for her bright05.
Traded with Mica: my sunny19, cheerful16 for her uknow06, bright13.
Filled 3rd stamp: china01, comeon15.
Played Nappun Puzzle: 1 snsd random coupon, pajama19, thailand18, romance12, thislove11.
Played Passion Puzzle: sj0514, pinup10, voyage01, rhythm17, 1 big bang love bill.
Played Bangin Puzzle: coffee13, doublem20, villagenight04, ufo10.
Played Treasure Puzzle: 1 dbsg choice, stage01, moveon15, dirtycash14, eternal01.
Played Tri-Angle slots: 1 dbsg love bill, getsome04, unlock02, decadent08, gentleman01.
Played Mission Impossible: dontdon15, city15.
Played Thug Stoppers: paris08, villagenight15, tracesoftime13, lalala19, hujin09.

12nd: Traded with Mere: my howgee07 for her badass10.
Traded with Soyna: my pajama10 for her playtime02.
Traded with Rachel: my wontak19, runmv10, taiyou04 for her bright09, tconcert11, tconcert14.

End of fourth stamp.
Start of fifth stamp.

Played Double Trouble: china18, city01, letshaptic03, 1 game answer ticket.
Played Hostage: 1 dbsg love bill, 1 FT Island choice coupon, bigmama07, sadtango20, chocopie12, stay18.
Traded with Oulan: my badass04 for her angel17.
Played Witch Hunt: 1 any choice coupon, 1 snsd love bill, comet07, primadonna19, ojbh05, summerdream03.
Played MV Shake: 1 any choice coupon, meeting14, itsraining09.
Used game answer ticket for Super Sudoku.
Played Super Sudoku: 1 token, 1 suju choice coupon, goddess13, love05, santaclaus14, hiyaya14, beautifulu07.
Traded with Oulan: my love05 for her handkerchief15. (won't be added to stamp)
Filled fourth stamp card: everyday05, yongwonhi04.

13th: Traded with nylonkid: my dirtycash14, angeleyes15 for her hyoism14, trot18. (not added on stamp yet)
Exchanged one DBSG choice coupon: millionman14,
Exchanged one SNSD, SJ, Shinhwa random coupon: wa11, pajama02, sica01.
Traded with Sushi: my hujin09, ufo10 for her tconcert15, uknow10.
Traded with Anon-chan: my sj0514, pinup10 for her everyday07, umma05.
Traded with shuu: my primadonna19, meeting14, marryu17, lalala19 for her uknow08, uknow12, ivyspring12, dirtycash11.
Traded with Mica: my sunny19, cheerful16 for her uknow06, bright13.

14th: Mastered Rhythm & Millionman: candyland04, dejavu03, dirtycash05, gangsta17, jukebox10, lalala06, paboya07, playtime04, playtime05, playtime12, playtime16, tconcert07, thislove14, u01.
Latest update - Weekly freebies: cutie14.
New deck freebies: musicians10, baskin20, kissingyou20.
Extra Zzang freebie: uknow01.
Played Junior Puzzle: trainee12.
Played Legend Puzzle: hujin12.
Played Rising Puzzle: primadonna12.
Played Lyrics Mania: litmusfall19, howgee17.
Played iPod Mania: 1 dbsg choice coupon, badguy09, prince17, soulmate17.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 suju love bill, taeyang19, snowdream03.
Played Fruit, Yes or No: 1 dbsg love bill, storytime03, cinderella16, redsun19.
Played Kangin's wrath: charisma03, firstperson13.
Played Magnae Woes: playtime11, chicago02, charisma07.
Traded with Sushi: my chocopie12, hujin12, wa11 for her uknow16, musicians01, musicians12. (won't be added to stamp)

16th: Traded with Scorp: my dejavu03, playtime11, uniform16 for her getsome11, getsome14, uknow17. (not on stamp yet)

17th: Traded with Chair: my coffee13 for her phantom14.
Traded with Cleyra: my decadent08 for her bright06.

18th: Traded with Sushi: my storytime03, storytime13 for her sj0802, camping20.

20th: Traded with Zzang: my iindwinds02 for her bright15.

22nd: Latest update - Weekly freebie: summerdream15.
New decks: haruharu07, colorful19, fighter11, me20.
Played Junior Puzzle: voyage26, colorful23.
Played Legend Puzzle: storytime20, kissingyou18.
Played Rising Puzzle: trainee18, eternity17.
Played Lyrics Mania: ojbh14, mungtaeng15, dolphin16, miniskirt08.
Played iPod Mania: 1 any choice coupon, 1 big bang random coupon, balloons16, kissingyou06, unlock06, musicians04, fairycake10, yb16.
Played MV Mania: denim06, sprissummer18, city06, hiddenstory01, chicago17, mrising04.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 shinhwa love bill, 1 ss501 love bill, ivyspring06, tconcert02, twins02, jajini01.
Played Kangin's Wrath: soct09, now03, friendship11, trainee11.
Played Magnae Woes: seororo07, mouse08, gangsta17, purple09, foreverlove20, soshi04.
Traded with Shuu: my fighter11 for her playtime17.
Traded with Cleyra: my haruharu07 for her stylish15.

End of fifth stamp.
Start of sixth stamp.

Mastered Playtime: bright14, bright19, coffee05, colors16, gangsta20, tconcert05, teddybear07, trainee02.
Exchanged coupons - 2 FT Island choice coupons: cheerful07, cutie18.
1 DBSG choice coupon: doublem17.
1 SNSD choice coupon: sunny01.
2 SJ choice coupons: u10, dontdon17.
3 any choice coupons: white16, docovo05, holiday05.
Traded with Yoon: my trainee12 for her uknow15.
Traded with Chair: my voyage26 for her musicians06.

23rd: Leveled-up: bright01, bright04, candyland11, coffee10, meeting12, playtime17, primadonna05, rockstar08, sica11, storytime09, 1 shinhwa choice coupon.
Exchanged coupons - 1 DBSG choice coupon: uknow07.
2 Any choice coupons: bright20, onceinalifetime11.
1 Big Bang random coupon: dragon16.
Traded with Sushi: my trainee11, trainee18, storytime20 for her tconcert09, purpleline12, foreverlove12.

24th: Filled fifth stamp: me07, sica04.
Mastered Bright: because04, cheerful04, chocopie19, hiddenstory07, lastfirstkiss14, pinupboys18, sadtango02, soshi19.
Mastered Uknow: cartoons08, dejavu20, foreverlove20, guitar05, litmusfall11, love03, me05, purple16.

25th: Traded with Sushi: my trainee02 for her dragon15.
Latest update - 2 event cards.
1 Shinhwa choice: machoman09,
1 DBSG choice: ufo01,
1 SJ choice: thedong10.
Played Nappun Puzzle: 1 big bang choice coupon, thedong10, villagenight13, balloons18, getsome06, 1 dbsg choice coupon, meeting07, first02, asdgkj29, docovo18.
Played Passion Puzzle: 1 snsd love bill, ghetto09, toughguy10, angeleyes01, bigboy10, 1 big bang love bill, kissingyou15, baby20, eastsea20, goddess16.
Played Scrambled Eggs: phantom11, secretstory10, mouse12, soul03.
Played Bangin Puzzle: dolphin11, phantom06, colors18, mungtaeng05, sunny08, candyland17, together13, asdgkj06.
Played Treasure Puzzle: 1 ss501 random coupon, fighter15, thailand02, hentai17, leader13, 1 suju choice coupon, jajini18, racoon05, ufo02, happy08.
Played Tri-Angle slots: angeleyes15, dancingout04, rockstar04, newdream17, 1 dbsg love bill, trainee17, firstperson18, musicians03, itsraining07, 1 suju love bill.
Played Mission Impossible: haruharu02, bright05, bimil04, bliss18.
Played Thug Stoppers: jukebox18, shikshin10, unlock11, villagenight19, chicago13, phantom04, playtime14, sunny12, now19, prince11.
Played MV Shake: 1 ft island choice coupon, simba04, fighter04, 1 any choice coupon, cutie16, mouse07.

26th: Played Hostage: 1 suju choice card, 1 dbsg love bill, meeting08, tconcert20, prince12, ivyspring09, 1 dbsg choice coupon, 1 shinhwa love bill, stomp10, simba14, kokoro20, yongwonhi17.
Played Witch Hunt: 1 ft island random coupon, 1 ss501 love bill, ufo10, soct12, melody01, pearl03, 1 any choice, 1 shinhwa love bill, genki02, taiyou18, docovo07, stylish06.

28th: Played Double Trouble: asdgkj14, dolphin15, genki08, giordano13, lust05, mrising03, trainee24, victory06.
Traded with Uyuki: my candyland11, charisma03 for her phantom09, ufo04.
Latest update - Weekly freebie: playtime04.
New decks: dressup30, tellme13, hot07, issue10.

29th: Traded with JeHyun: my foreverlove20, bright05 for her getsome17, bonjour14.
Played Word Maze: ufo05, ufo20, qualified10, decadent09, afterlove15, paboya09.
Traded with Julianna: my kissingyou06, kissingyou15, kissingyou18, kissingyou20, soshi04, tellme13 for her cartoons14, hiddenstory10, musicians17, stylish14, ufo19, paris03.
Traded with Sushi: my trainee17, storytime09, machoman09, mrising04, mouse08, dolphin16 for her ufo15, ufo17, phantom02, phantom10, phantom20, tconcert13. (won't be added to stamp)
Played Junior Puzzle: unlock08.
Played Legend Puzzle: princess14.
Played Lyrics Mania: marryu06, pearl11.
Played iPod Mania: hiyaya13, colors05, foreverlove19, 1 shinhwa choice coupon.
Played Fruit, Yes or no: hot09, asdgkj28, purple12, 1 ft island love bill.
Played Kangin's wrath: comeon14, charisma20.
Played Scrambled eggs: soshi09, primadonna12.

30th: Traded with Ivy: my rockstar08 for her phantom18.
Played Rising Puzzle: dragon01.
Traded with Shuu: my meeting07, world02 for her ufo07, ufo16.


1st: Traded with Scorp: my friendship11 for her getsome16.
Traded with Noriko: my me05, me07 for her bonjour16, getsome02.

2nd: Finished/mastered PBC Round 02: because12, 1 big bang choice coupon, cosmo09, diary05, doublem05, ellesse04, gansgta06, genki17, getsome16, happiness01, love15, newdream07, pinupboys15, relax03, shikshin02, soshi08, stay09, 1 suju choice coupon, sunshine15, taeyang06, ufo03, ufo06, ufo08, ufo09, ufo11, villagenight17, wedding13.
Traded with Uyuki: my asdgkj06, asdgkj14, asdgkj28, asdgkj29 for her phantom07, phantom08, phantom13, phantom15, phantom16, phantom17, phantom19, ufo18.

End of sixth stamp.
Start of seventh stamp.

Traded with Yoon: my playtime14, dressup30 for her getsome05, getsome12.
Traded with lovegreen: my gangsta06 for her getsome03.

4th: Filled sixth stamp: dolphin04, shineday16.
Played Breakdown - Special A: 1 token, 1 dbsg love bill, 1 any choice coupon, 1 big bang choice coupon, rokkugoh17, firstperson03, litmusfall10, cutie05, showmeyourlove21, angel14, foreverlove14, hug03.
Played Breakdown - Special B: 1 token, 1 suju love bill, 1 any choice coupon, 1 dbsg choice coupon, asdgkj21, secretstory08, bonjour12, snowdream14, secretstory04, goddess06, colorful20, stomp06.

5th: Traded with Scorp: my jajini18 for her getsome15.
Played Breakdown: 1 token, 1 snsd love bill, 1 suju random coupon, 1 ss501 random coupon, howgee10, hyoism18, simba20, wayuare01, secretstory11, trainee19, tconcert06, hujin03.
Exchanged coupons - 2 dbsg choice: ufo13, ufo14.
1 ss501 random: bliss06.
1 ft island random: colorful03.
Traded with Mica: my soshi09 for bigboy08.
Traded with Mae: my asdgkj21 for her redsun02, cartoons11.
Traded with Fukami: my baskin20, gangsta17, howgee10, howgee17 for her friendship09, pearl01, meeting13, secretstory18.
Latest update - weekly freebies: litmusfall13.
New decks: comeback07, mirotic14, heart07.
Played Junior Puzzle: cutie02.
Played Legend Puzzle: inked12.
Played Rising Puzzle: melody13.
Played Lyrics Mania: diary03, comeback03.
Played MV Mania: sunshine04, first07, stylish29.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 dbsg love bill, snowprince17, summerdream15.
Played Fruit, Yes or No: 1 suju love bill, return07, angeleyes17, primadonna12.
Played Kangin's wrath: me03, candyland14.
Played Scrambled eggs: letshaptic02, kissingyou09.

6th: Exchanged 1 dbsg choice coupon: ufo12.
Traded with Lily: my trainee19 for her teddybear04.
Traded with Danica: my together13 for her udon16.

8th: Mastered Ufo: denim15, gangsta02, mirotic01, mirotic02, mouse09, tellme09, tracesoftime12.
Mastered Phantom: cartoons16, mirotic03, mirotic04, mungtaeng06, santaclaus12, shikshin03, villageday19.
Played Magnae Woes: wayuare04, dressup03, dirtycash07.
Traded with Cleyra: my playtime17 for her cutie09.
Traded with Mica: my kissingyou09 for her comeback10.
Traded with Tiffany: my wayuare01, wayuare04 for her asdgkj10.

9th: Exchanged coupons - 3 Big Bang choice: angel06, bigboy05, dragon10.
1 FT Island choice: jajini04.
2 Shinhwa choice: comet19, ghetto10.
1 Any choice: cowboy15.
2 Super Junior choice: eastsea19, friedrice13.
1 Super Junior random: happy16.
1 SS501 random: snowprince19.
Traded with Soyna: my gangsta17 for her mirotic08.

End of seventh stamp.
Start of eight stamp.

Traded with Sushi: my mouse07, mouse09, mouse12, eastsea20, dolphin04, jajini01, soulmate17, balloons16, balloons18, doublem05, doublem09 for her camping08, shineday07, shineday19, shinenight16, stylish21, tconcert18, mirotic20, hiddenstory02, hiddenstory03, hiddenstory19, hiyaya07.
Latest bi-weekly update - q&a reward: return06.
Played Nappun Puzzle: 1 big bang choice coupon, dirtycash15, ellesse09, cyborg14, badguy13.
Played Passion Puzzle: 1 big bang love bill, unlock09, pinup20, haruharu17, letshaptic09.
Played Bangin Puzzle: miracle01, redsun18, goddess12, mirotic11.
Played Treasure Puzzle: 1 any choice coupon, tellme20, bright20, thedong06, thailand15.
Played Mission impossible: hot10, qualified16.
Played Matchmaker: 1 match (playtime17) - angel20.
Played Thug Stoppers: lastfirstkiss15, moveon08, holiday07, itsraining05, teddybear16.
Played Tri-Angle Slots: wayuare05, shineday15, stylish07, badguy11, 1 suju love bill.
Traded with Ivy: my cutie05 for her comeback04.

10th: Played Hostage: 1 dbsg love bill, 1 ft island choice coupon, kissingyou10, eastsea18, bigboy10, miniskirt16.
Traded with Zzang: my asdgkj10 for her mirotic15.
Played Witch Hunt: 1 snsd love bill, 1 dbsg choice coupon, comeback02, hentai07, dontdonmv10, snowdream20.
Played MV Shake: 1 shinhwa choice coupon, holiday06, getsome13.
Exchanged 1 any choice coupon - angel19.
Traded with Soyna: my angel19 for her asdgkj18.

11st: Traded with Zzang: my asdgkj18 for her mirotic08. (won't be added to stamp)

12nd: Played SS Madness: chicago17, gangsta07.
Mastered Girl Mix-a-lot (RED): 1 snsd choice coupon, bigboy07, kokoro19, letshaptic09, lust07, mirotic05, mirotic06.
Exchanged 3 DBSG choice coupons: mirotic16, mirotic17, mirotic18.
Traded with JeHyun: my bright20, princess14, stay09 for her cartoons18, hiddenstory17, hiddenstory20.
Traded with Cleyra: my world05 for her secretstory13.
Traded with Ainariel: my marryu06, snowdream20, trot18, villagenight04, villagenight13, villagenight19 for her beautifulu10, bonjour18, cartoons02, paris02, paris05, paris13.
Traded with Sushi: my eastsea18, wayuare05, doublem17, doublem20, phantom04, trick02, miniskirt08, miniskirt16 for her mirotic07, mirotic10, mirotic12, shineday04, shineday17, camping17, shinenight09, ojbh18.

13rd: Played Word Maze: mirotic19, winkshow09, baskin10. (not on stamp yet)
Latest update - SNSD choice freebie: soshi06.
Live choice freebie: tconcert17.
Weekly freebie: melody03.
Retiring decks (Trainee and all Bi) - trainee24, eternal01, first02, first07, ijuksa20, itsraining05, itsraining07, itsraining09, relax03, sexappeal04, sexappeal08, badguy09, badguy11, badguy13, cosmo09, giordano13, giordano14, moveon08, moveon15, sadtango02, sadtango20, stomp10, taeyang19 were exchanged for: miracle15, haruharu05, gangsta04, ojbh11, bright10, afterlove07, colorful22, return14, wedding07, diary08, kissingyou11, shikshin06, chocopie05, lalala02, me08, baskin09, bonjour01, bonjour05, bonjour08, camping04, chicago02, city24, dirtycash11, doublem09, friedrice13.
Played Junior Puzzle: miracle09.
Played Legend Puzzle: gentleman05.
Played Rising Puzzle: white20.
Played Lyrics Mania: stylish24, yongwonhi10.
Played MV Mania: genki16, hiddenstory05, charmer06.
Played Pop Quiz: asdgkj27, afterlove01, 1 suju love bill.
Played Kangin's Wrath: victory18, toughguy14.
Played Magnae Woes: dressup01, ufo04, villagenight02.
Played Scrambled eggs: wayuare16, ellesse08.
Traded with Zzang: my asdgkj27 for her comeback09.
Traded with Sushi: my wayuare16 for her mirotic13. (won't be added to stamp)

14th: Exchanged coupons - 1 suju choice: romance18.
1 snsd choice: soshi18.

15th: Traded with Rachel: my bigboy07, winkshow09, jukebox18, goddess06 for her bonjour11, bonjour14, paris12, paris14.

20th: Traded with Mmerain: my meeting08, meeting12, decadent03, decadent09 for her secretstory20, secretstory07, musicians13, hiyaya02.
Mastered Mirotic: afterlove03, cheerful17, dirtycash18, dressup24, shy05, 1 snsd choice coupon, soul18, storytime15, tellme02.
Latest update - Weekly freebie: taiyou10.
Taliana's Bday freebies - 02 card: bonjour02. 05 card: comeback05.
Played Junior Puzzle: newdays17.
Played Legend Puzzle: denim02.
Played Rising Puzzle: angel18.
Played Lyrics Mania: princess04, comet04.
Played iPod Mania: denim20, leader05, stay05, 1 any random coupon.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 dbsg love bill, udon12, redsun09.
Played Poppenstein: decadent09, heart06, tellme07, yongwonhi01, 1 any choice coupon, 1 suju choice coupon.
Played Scrambled eggs: letshaptic11, city13.
Played Kangin's wrath: seororo11, snowdream19.
Played Magnae Woes: kissingyou16, litmusfall17, pinupboys27.
Played MV Mania: balloons14, secretstory05, angeleyes04.

23rd: Traded with lovegreen: my issue10, mungtaeng05, mungtaeng15, dressup01, dressup03 for her bonjour04, hiddenstory06, hiddenstory09, hiddenstory11, hiddenstory18.
Latest update - Random freebies: melody13, eastsea15, tellme13, china01, winkshow13, pose11.
Q&A Weekly freebie: soulmate15.
Played Nappun Puzzle: 1 any choice coupon, bliss06, seororo17, secret01, pinup17.
Played Passion Puzzle: 1 big bang love bill, cartoons19, style01, issue01, machoman04.
Played Bangin Puzzle: mirotic19, showmeyourlove02, asdgkj11, lalala10.
Played Treasure Puzzle: 1 dbsg choice coupon, white19, shinenight19, coward15, udon03.

End of eight stamp.
Start of ninth stamp.

26th: Traded with Cleyra: my lalala06, lalala12, letshaptic09, me20, dejavu20, letshaptic11, everyday07, tracesoftime13, lastfirstkiss15 for her camping03, comeback08, stylish18, stylish26, beautifulu11, purpleline03, purpleline15, purplelin18, purpleline20.
Traded with lovegreen: my tellme07 for her paris11.
Traded with Mystika_d: my foreverlove02, foreverlove10, foreverlove13, dirtycash05 for her bonjour13, paris09, hiddenstory04, hiddenstory15.
Played Word Maze: comeback13, tellme15, stylish03.
Retired Shinhwa decks - gentleman01, gentleman05, handkerchief15, onceinalifetime11 for tconcert01, getsome01, bonjour03, asdgkj01.
Traded with Topaze: my heart06, baskin09, victory06, mirotic19 for her getsome10, purpleline08, secretstory01, camping05.
Traded with Zzang: my asdgkj11 for her comeback01.
Latest update - New decks: kangjin18, vocal15.
Weekly freebie: beautifulu04.
Played Junior Puzzle: asdgkj10.
Played Legend Puzzle: trick03.
Played Rising Puzzle: holiday20.
Played Lyrics Mania: mirotic20, yb10.
Played iPod Mania: 1 dbsg choice coupon, marryu06, eternity12, rainbow08.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 snsd love bill, jukebox05, firstperson05.
Played Fruit, yes or no: 1 ss501 love bill, soshi08, foreverlove04, foreverlove06.
Played Kangin's wrath: storytime18, baby13.
Played Scrambled Eggs: sj0513, stomp09.

27th: Traded with Ivy: my vocal13, holiday06, holiday20 for her stylish23, secretstory03, secretstory14.
Traded with Uyuki: my showmeyourlove09, city06, city15, me03 for her stylish08, camping01, camping12, camping15.
Mastered Get some: comeback15, tconcert04, colorful06, eternity20, kokoro11, melody12, soul03, villageday12.
Played Magnae Woes: hiyaya01, inked17, chocopie02.
Finished PBC Round 03: 1 big bang choice coupon, bonjour17, cartoons19, comeback03, comeback12, comeback14, 1 dbsg random coupon, dirtycash04, dragon02, fairycake05, ghetto03, ghetto11, haengbok20, jukebox10, love12, list09, marryu04, mawang12, musicians07, musicians17, now01, now03, pajama01, prince01, return03, tconcert08, tconcert10.

28th: Filled 7th & 8th stamp cards: haengbok08, haruharu20, rockstar07, mirotic10.
Traded with Soyna: my mirotic20, stay18, colorful20, pinup17, pinup20, love15, pajama02, tellme02, tellme09, tellme13, tellme20 for her camping09, camping19, hiddenstory08, hiddenstory16, beautifulu01, musicians07, musicians15, musicians16, secretstory12, secretstory16, secretstory19.
Traded with Tessy: my pinup20, jukebox05, jukebox10, angel17, angel18, angel20 for her bonjour06, bonjour19, purpleline09, paris01, paris06, paris20.

31st: Traded with Yoon: my asdgkj01, asdgkj10 for her comeback06, comeback11.
Traded with Katoshi: my dressup24, kissingyou10, snowdream03 for her camping11, paris04, stylish02.
Traded with Sushi: my dolphin15, balloons14, cartoons19, trick03, comeback03 for her stylish16, camping16, beautifulu15, foreverlove01, foreverlove07.

End of ninth stamp.
Start of tenth stamp.

Mastered T Concert: beautifulu07, cartoons10, coffee11, colorful07, comet01, firstperson18, 1 FT Island choice coupon, secretstory15, secretstory17.
Mastered Comeback: dejavu17, friedrice08, handsome05, secretstory09, wayuare02, wedding16, wontak16.


1st: Traded with Shuu: my angel14, stay05, wayuare02, winkshow13 for her paris10, paris19, hiddenstory13, hiddenstory14.
Latest update - took event card 45.

5 Hidden freebies: kissingyou04, secretstory08, dirtycash05, u20, run06.
First Circle: jajini06.
Second Circle: lastangel10.
Third Circle: hyoism09, taste19.
Fourth Circle: 1 ft island choice coupon, kangjin06, cutie16.
Fifth Circle: storytime13, umma14.
Sixth Circle: yongwonhi03, dontdonmv13, hujin06.
Seventh Circle: 1 any choice coupon, beautifulu09, dressup10, melody09.
Eight Circle: angel06.
Ninth Circle: 1 dbsg choice, 1 ss501 choice, balloons07, voyage01, kokoro11, yb12.
Tenth Circle: 1 shinhwa choice coupon, sarang04, showmeyourlove21, camping18, sexy06.

2nd: Traded with JeHyun: my mirotic10 for her stylish30.
Traded with Mere: my hot07, hot09, colorful19, kangjin06 for her bonjour10, paris15, paris18, secretstory06.
Latest update - weekly freebie: umma17.
October Birthday rewards: october bday event card, ojbh19, mungtaeng07, afterlove09, white05, 1 ss501 choice coupon.
Played Junior Puzzle: lust04.
Played Legend Puzzle: haruharu01.
Played Rising Puzzle: angeleyes17.
Played Lyrics Mania: voyage30, vocal14.
Played Pop Quiz: 1 dbsg love bill, purpleline17, tconcert09.
Played Kangin's Wrath: rhythm14, kangjin14.
Played Magnae Woes: love09, afterlove15, china02.

4th: Traded with lovegreen: my white05, white16 for her colors17, bliss08.
Traded with JeHyun: my doublem09 for her hiyaya16.
Traded with Ivy: my vocal14, colorful23 for her sica07, stage10.
Traded with Tessy: my me08, angel06, yb08, yb10 for her taste13, thislove15, candyland06, world02.

5th: Traded with Ame: my villagenight02, villagenight15, villagenight17 for her stylish01, stylish03, stylish05.
Traded with Xiao: my kissing you04, kissing you11, kissing you16, soshi06, soshi18, mungtaeng07 for her beautifulu06, purple line10, paris16, hiyaya08, ojbh03, ojbh04.
Traded with Mere: my handsome05, litmusfall11 for her sarang20, sj0519.

6th: Traded with Soyna: my ufo04, rhythm14, mungtaeng06, dressup10, afterlove07, afterlove09 for her hentai10, udon06, hiddenstory05, foreverlove02, secretstory20, melody04.
Mastered Bonjour: bliss01, camping06, camping07, haengbok16, litmusfall13, simba03, sprissumer12, uniform15.
Mastered Secret Story: camping10, camping13, changjo15, cheerful09, coward16, cutie19, doublem08, pearl14.
Mastered Hidden Story: doublem20, fairycake15, lust09, miniskirt02, mungtaeng04, ojbh16, paris07, inked02.
Traded with Pil-P: my heart07, unlock09 for her musicians08, musicians14.

End of tenth stamp.
Start of eleventh stamp.

Traded with Cleyra: my genki02, genki10, cutie02, cutie16 for her hug06, hug14, hug20, stylish20.
Traded with Katoshi: my beautifulu07, newdays17, sunshine04, sunshine15 for her hug08, hug10, hug12, hug16.
Traded with mystika_d: my baskin10 for her candyland07.
Traded with Shert: my shineday16 for her snowdream11.
Traded with Mae: my bigboy10, qualified10, haruharu02, haruharu20 for her lastangel05, lastangel08, purpleline19, ojbh12.
Played Breakdown: 1 token, 1 ft island love bill, 1 suju choice coupon, 1 dbsg choice coupon, winkshow09, holiday11, victory05, bigboy18, snowdream17, pose19, playtime12, wayuare16.
Traded with Noriko: my u20 for her letshaptic01.
Traded with Ali: my showmeyourlove21 for her lastangel13.
Traded with Ainariel: my baby20, marryu04 for her foreverlove03, foreverlove17.
Traded with Ivy: my holiday11 for her hug19.
Traded with Yoon: my mungtaeng04 for her beautifulu19.
Traded with Mimi: my miracle15 for her redsun20.
Filled 9th & 10th stamp cards: lastangel02, love20, sarang09, wedding10.
Traded with swetdeaths: my showmeyourlove21 for her denim01.

End of eleventh stamp.
Start of twelfth stamp.

7th: Traded with deadletter: my teddybear16 for her dressup09.
Traded with Topaze: my dirtycash07, haruharu17 for her foreverlove13, foreverlove18.
Traded with Scorp: my hyoism09 for her purpleline16.
Traded with Uyuki: my villageday12, pajama09, sj0513 for her stylish12, stylish19, stylish28.

10th: Traded with Rachel: my dragon01 for her paris17.
Traded with Shuu: my wedding13 for her musicians18.
Traded with biwa: my stage01 for her ojbh09.
Traded with Shinsou: my lalala02, holiday05, holiday07, kangjin18 for her foreverlove08, foreverlove10, foreverlove15, foreverlove17.
Exchanged 1 dbsg choice coupon: comeback12.
Traded with lovegreen: my comeback12 for her asdgkj25.
Exchanged 2 dbsg choice coupon: yongwonhi09, millionman15.
1 shinhwa choice coupon: eternity18.
2 ss501 choice coupon: teddybear19, now08.
2 sj choice coupon: romance07, miniskirt06.
Traded with Tiffany: my wayuare16 for her angel08.
Traded with Jacqui: my inked17 for her ojbh10.
Traded with Candie: my china01 for her stylish25.

End of twelfth stamp.
Start of thirteenth stamp.

Traded with Mere: my kangjin14 for her purpleline06.
Traded with Mica: my sica04, litmusfall19 and tellme15 for her musicians08, shinenight06, ojbh15.
Traded with Oulan: my miracle01 for her hug05.
Traded with Mikomi: my romance18 for her shineday20. (not on stamp yet)

11st: Exchanged 1 Shinhwa choice coupon: mrising07.

17th: Traded with JeHyun: my santaclaus14, leader13 for her cartoons01, dolphin05. (not on stamp yet)
Traded with Tessy: my yb12 for her hiyaya20. (not on stamp yet)
Mastered Paris: wolf09, stylish10, cheerful15, fairycake18, hot04, taiyou08, tellme16, yb05.
Latest Update - Weekly freebie: gangsta02.
Played Legend Puzzle: ojbh07, melody16.
Played Bangin Puzzle: storytime16, dejavu19.

21st: Filled 11th & 12th stamp cards: baby09, jajini02, purpleline17, victory11.
Played Rising Puzzle: jajini02, mouse11.
Played Treasure Puzzle: sunny14, balloons08.
Played Junior Puzzle: princess20, kissingyou09.
Played Generation Puzzle: ellesse02, inked06.
Played Passion Puzzle: umma08, sica06.

25th: Traded with Mere: my issue01 for her cartoons09. (not on stamp yet)
Latest Hiatus Update - weekly freebie: soulmate06.
Played Legend Puzzle: litmusfall03, candyland13.
Played Bangin Puzzle: primadonna11, lalala04.

27th: Traded with Sushi: my balloons07, balloons08, jajini02, jajini06, doublem08 for her denim07, denim18, shinenight14, stylish04, camping14. (not on stamp yet)
Played Rising Puzzle: summerdream13, bigboy04.

29th: Played Treasure Puzzle: rhythm14, angel02.
Played Junior Puzzle: storytime08, letshaptic12.
Played Generation Puzzle: howgee03, meeting16.
Played Passion Puzzle: dressup27, wedding19.
Traded with PigLatin: my yongwonhi17 for her sica06. (not on stamp yet)


1st: ADVENT CALENDAR - denim11.
2nd: ADVENT CALENDAR - comeon16.
3rd: ADVENT CALENDAR - bonjour13.
4th: ADVENT CALENDAR - unlock08.

--- Shop of Love.


29th: 3 dbsg love bills for yunho01.